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Instruction for Assemblying 700KW

Assembling No. 700KW Hudson-Type Scale Model

The original twelve page instruction manual "Lionel Instructions for Assembling No. 700KW Hudson-Type 4-6-4 Scale Model" was published in 1938 after the introduction of the model itself in 1937. To see the entire PDF reproduction of the manual click here. After viewing the PDF you may save it using the usual file save commands.

This 1938 manual was carefully reproduced by Robert Osterhoff and recorded as a CD. It is reproduced here with his permission. Mr. Osterhoff has reproduced on CD many important Lionel and American Flyer documents and several Greenberg Publishing Inc. books including Marx Guides. For more information please go to

The first page of the manual is illustrated below.

Instruction for Assemblying 700KW

To see and save the entire PDF reproduction of the assembly manual click here and then use the usual file-save commands.

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