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Frank Dill

Frank Dill Butler Secretary

Empire Furniture Cabinet Maker:
Frank Dill

Frank Dill Furniture

This page is not about a book for sale but rather a monograph that we would like to write about Frank Dill, early American cabinet maker. We would like to learn more about Frank Dill and would appreciate the help and contributions of people who also have Dill pieces or knowledge about them.

Frank Dill was a cabinet maker who lived in Asbury, New Jersey in 1841. He constructed a mahogany veneer butler secretary, circa 1830 - 1840 that has been in our family for at least four generations. It was originally owned by Thomas and Lavina Rosevear of Hazlett, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The Rosevear family history is covered in our book Rosevear Family History: 1940-2005"

Frank Dill Furniture

On the outside surface of the bottom drawer, from the secretary’s lower section. the following handwriting appears:

    Frank Dill (Lill)
    March 10, 1841.

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