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Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains 1901-1940 Harry Grant: Co-Founder and Inventory, Lionel Manufacturing Company Forthcoming Lionel Prewar O Gauge Trains, 1915-28

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Rosevear Family History: 1940-2005 The Brinkmann Family History Skyesville Past & Present: A Walking Tour

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Brinkmann Publishing LLC is a specialty publisher of Lionel train history and catalogues, family history works, and local history. One of its founders, Bruce C. Greenberg, is acknowledged in the train collector community as perhaps the most well known author and publisher of all things connected to Lionel Trains.

Lionel Prewar O Gauge Trains, Vol1: 1915-28 is available for immediate shipment.

Research is now ongoing for a work about the New Jersey cabinet maker, Frank Dill. Contributions of information would be great appreciated.

In 2014 it published the well received comprehensive "Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains (Standard and 2 7/8 Gauges, 1901-1940)"

In 2005 it published "Harry C. Grant, Co-Founder and Inventor LIONEL Manufacturing Company" for the Eastern Division of the Train Collectors Association.

In addition Brinkmann has published two family histories: "The Brinkmann Family History" (1997) and "Rosevear Family History: 1440-2005" (2005).

Brinkmann also published "Sykesville Past and Present, a history and walking tour of Sykesville" (2005,Maryland).

Bruce and Linda Greenberg owned Greenberg Publishing Company from 1975 through 1991. Greenberg Publishing Company published over 450 books, catalogue reproductions and other publications. The Complete List of Greenberg publications by Cindy Lee Floyd lists these and all the others.